5 Things: American Crime Wave | Supply Chains | Facebook | Havana Syndrome | Debt Ceiling

Today’s 5 Things include the so-called crime wave in America, supply chain problems, Facebook being weird, Havana Syndrome, and the debt ceiling vote.

Pexels - Markus Winkler - Typewriter with a sheet of paper rolled up that reads 'News.'

I’m sorry, I’m just endlessly fascinated with this “Havana Syndrome” thing.

  1. The Atlantic: America Is Having a Violence Wave, Not a Crime Wave
  2. CNN: The workers who keep global supply chains moving are warning of a ‘system collapse’
  3. Political Orphans: Something Weird Is Happening on Facebook
  4. Buzzfeed News: A Declassified State Department Report Says Microwaves Didn’t Cause “Havana Syndrome”
  5. NPR: Biden Signs Funding Bill, Avoiding A Shutdown, But Other Standoffs Persist

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