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Re: Stargirl

I’m really enjoying season 2 of Stargirl but I’m very much going to need this show to reckon with all these awful-assed abusive parents and guardians they’ve got running around.

Episode 7 kind of feinted towards some kind of reconciliation between Yolanda and her absolutely awful mother and like, this is not the kind of behavior you can really reconcile? Yolanda’s mother is straight up abusive. The way she treats her daughter? JFC. There cannot be any kind of glib tv show reconciliation here.

“We talked together with our priest and now everything is better, yay!” We can’t have that. The kind of abuse and behavior we’re seeing from this woman shouldn’t just be handwaved away.

Beth’s parents are as bad, with their appalling emotional neglect of Beth. And Rick’s guardian. Jesus.

Even Pat and Who’s-Her-Face, Courtney’s mom, aren’t great. I mean, best of a bad bunch, but Pat does not treat Mike very well, and no one is calling him on it.