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5 Things: COVID-19 | Driving | COVID partisanship | Amy Coney Barrett | Vaccine Mandates

I’m looking forward to some vacation time next week, which, according to the Weather Channel, will kick off with 60° weather and rain all weekend, and both of those things sound amazing. Like, legit, that’s not sarcasm. After this dry-ass, blasted-hot summer, I am 100% down with cool, gray weather and a whole bunch of rain.

  1. NPR: I Got A ‘Mild’ Breakthrough Case. Here’s What I Wish I’d Known – “Mild” just means you didn’t need oxygen and/or get hospitalized. It will probably still suuuuuck.
  2. Vox: How to end the American obsession with driving – On one hand, I totally agree with this idea. On the other, public transit requires me to deal with other humans, which, ick, especially now. Is there an option for public transit with just dogs and kitties? I’d do that.
  3. CNN: More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces, classrooms and sporting events – Yes, more mandates. But also, there’s some interesting numbers in this poll. We keep hearing that America is “split down the middle,” politically, on COVID precautions and whatnot, and the numbers reported here don’t seem to bear that out at all.
  4. CBS News: Amy Coney Barrett says Supreme Court justices aren’t “partisan hacks”Uh huh. Sure. Okay.
  5. NPR: A N.Y. Hospital Will Stop Delivering Babies As Workers Quit Over A Vaccine Mandate – I mean, it’s bad that this hospital can’t get full staffing. But obviously none of the people who quit should have been in healthcare in the first place.