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Books I Read in August 2021

Suburban Dicks is a cold-case murder mystery featuring a former FBI profiler turned house wife with four kids and one on the way teamed up with a former star reporter who screwed up big time and now works for a crappy local weekly. It was an interesting read, but I don’t know as I really liked it? Like, I hated basically all the characters, all of whom hated themselves and each other and their lives, and that made this a hard book to like. The murder mystery bit was interesting, though.

The two stand-out reads this month were Sarek and Prime Directive, both Star Trek novels set in the original series. Sarek was about a race to stop a devious decades-long plot by the Romulans to destroy the Federation, while also being about a whole bunch of Sarek’s history and relationship with Spock, which was pretty good.

Prime Directive is about how James Kirk and the Enterprise screwed a first contact mission just alllll the way up, to the point where the planet was destroyed, and how it ruined everyone’s career and reputation, but no wait, they figured it out and now everyone has their career and reputation back.

I loved both of those books because they reminded me how much fun and how wild and out there some of the original series expanded universe books are. They just go off on some amazing tangents and add basically whatever the hell they want to the canon without looking back, and it’s a hoot. The Next Generation books didn’t seem to do as much of that, so they’re often a lot less fun to read.

  1. Monstrous Regiment, Terry Pratchett
  2. Suburban Dicks, Fabian Nicieza
  3. STtNG: Survivors, Jean Lorrah
  4. STtOS: Prime Directive, Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  5. Going Postal, Terry Pratchett
  6. STtOS: Sarek, A.C. Crispin