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5 Things: DIY Air Filters | Trumpism | Hurricane Ida | COVID-19 Treatments | Turning Point USA

It’s 70-some degrees and breezy and sunny and a very good day for naps. It’s probably a very good day for just about anything, actually, but I was up waaaaay too late watching Tik Toks, so I’m pretty nap-minded today.

  1. GBH News: DIY Air Filters For Classrooms? Experts Are Enthusiastic — And A Citizen Scientist Makes It Easy – Got kids going back to school? Maybe you want to whip a couple of these up for their class rooms. Apparently they work really well. I wouldn’t run them unattended, though. I’ve heard that some fan motors can overheat and sometimes start fires in contraptions somewhat similar to this, so maybe that’s something to watch out for with these.
  2. The Atlantic: Trumpism Has Entered Its Final Form – When even Trump isn’t Trumpy enough for Trump fans.
  3. Vox: Why Hurricane Ida has been so devastating to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast – Climate change, folks.
  4. Sci Tech Daily: “Inescapable” COVID-19 Antibody Discovery – Neutralizes All Known SARS-CoV-2 Strains – This might be overblown? I can’t tell. But cool if it works!
  5. Turning Point USA, the extremely right wing Charlie Kirk outfit, has a “school board watch list” (which, if you must, you can see here) of San Francisco school board members they want to replace with extremely right wing yahoos. I’m pointing it out to you because these alt-right SOBs are coming for your local elections and school boards, so stay sharp and pay attention to your elections, y’all.