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Re: Spider-Man

For the record, I have loved every Marvel movie I’ve sat down in front of, including the Spider-Man movies, but I am a little tired of Spidey getting upgrades from other heroes like Dr. Strange and Ironman.

I’m sure there’s a reason for the upgrade from Strange, probably something to do with some sort of Spider-Versian shenanigans or some such.


Spidey is a hellacious hero all on his own. He doesn’t need a fancy suit from Tony Stark. Barring aforementioned shenanigans, he doesn’t need upgrades from Dr. Strange.

Spidey is strong AF – dude has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of the Hulk and Thor. His reflexes are enhanced to the point where they might as well be superspeed. He is impossible to hit for all intents and purposes.

I get that the Marvel/Sony version of Spider-Man is supposed to be a kid, so he doesn’t have the experience to fully utilize all his powers. But I would like to see him getting a little more respect. Let the kid show what he can do once in awhile, Marvel Movie People.