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Re: Pollen & Urban ‘Male’ Trees

Hey, remember that “pollen is worse because all urban trees are male” thing that was going around for awhile? Turns out it was bullshit.

Dr Sarah Traber: YES, thank you. Whatever this guy's deal is he's really good at laundering his bullshit as credible.

He started at least 20 years ago which helps- he'd already laid down a lot of analog publications before social media even became a thing.

Budget Botanist: In my day job I study plant reproduction which makes this INFINITELY frustrating

There's a lot of weirdness too if u dig into his deeply manufactured/astroturf-y web presence 

Like not only does this make no sense -he only tries substantiate it by linking to his other blogs etc

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🧵 Dr. Sarah Traber: “Hi! Crop scientist here. This “male trees are a capitalist scam” idea worked its way to TikTok from a hustler named [Thomas] Ogren.” Click here to read the thread.

🧵 Dr. Sarah Traber: “YES, thank you. Whatever this guy’s deal is he’s really good at laundering his bullshit as credible.” Click here to read the thread.