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5 Things: QAnon | Jim Jordan | Right Wing Outrage Ops | ‘Culture’ | Climate Change

There’s actually been a bit of an update to the outrage op story, #3 on the list, since I collected it this morning. You can read it here on Twitter. Basically, the conservative PR group that was involved with it put out a statement saying, “Crap, we got caught, we better disavow the peons that were involved and blame it all on them.” 🙄

  1. GNet: QAnon is not Dead: New Research into Telegram Shows the Movement is Alive and WellIt might seem like QAnon has petered out since Trump lost, but that’s only because they got chased off the main social media sites, and now they’re all hiding on apps like Telegram.
  2. TPM: Jim Jordan Says He Spoke To TrumpOn Jan. 6th, that is. Jim Jordan, who is the absolute worst, fumbled his way into admitting that he spoke to Trump on the 6th.
  3. Dallas Observer: Flyers Threatening White HP Parents Who Send Their Kids to the Ivy League Reek of FakenessConsider this article a primer on spotting right wing outrage operations.
  4. New York Times: France Gave Teenagers $350 for Culture. They’re Buying Comic Books.Look at France, being all snooty about “culture.” Comic books are culture. Pop culture, maybe, but no one thought Shakespeare was writing eternal classics when he was staging plays full of dick jokes at the Globe.
  5. New York Times: Is This the End of Summer as We’ve Known It?Yes. Yes it is.