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CDC Masking Guidelines

Here’s a good Twitter thread to follow on the CDC’s upcoming new masking announcements. (Or maybe they’ve already announced it? I’ve been off- and online as I’m working this morning.)

At any rate, there’s a bunch of comments in the thread to the effect of “Why punish vaccinated people” with masking and like, it’s not a punishment? Fully vaccinated people can still catch Delta. Yeah, it’s probably going to be a more mild disease for us vaccinated folks, but it’s still going to suck a whole bunch and you might be spreading it to unvaccinated people.

And like, I get it, we’re all mad at these anti-vaxxer Trump cultists, but not everyone who’s unvaccinated wants to be unvaccinated. Some folks have autoimmune issues or are allergic or are too young.

Besides, wearing a mask just isn’t that goddamn hard or uncomfortable, y’all. I know it’s hot and it kinda sucks, but you’re supposed to be wearing them inside when you’re around folks you don’t know. Like at the grocery store and whatnot. Plenty of people worked in restaurants, stores, factories and so on wearing masks 6, 8, 10 hours a day or more, and yes, it probably wasn’t fun, but also, it wasn’t that hard.

Just put a mask on. Save a life, slap some fun fabric on your face.