5 Things: Religion | Vaccines | the Delta variant | Trump

Today’s 5 Things: fundamentalist religions, vaccines and anti-vaxxers, the Delta variant and masks, and Trump.

Pexels - Markus Winkler - Typewriter with a sheet of paper rolled up that reads 'News.'

We could solve a whole bunch of problems just by kicking anti-vaxxers off social media platforms.

  1. Washington Post: An American Kingdom
  2. TPM: State Health Dept Nixes Teen Outreach For … All … Vaccines Amid GOP Attacks (See also: Email: Tennessee health officials ordered not to promote Immunization Awareness Month at News Channel 5 Nashville)
  3. PennLive.com: COVID-19 vaccine rollout fast enough to save nearly 300,000, study says
  4. NPR: With The Delta Variant Spreading Fast, Is It Time To Mask Up Again?
  5. Vanity Fair: “I’m Getting the Word Out”: Inside the Feverish Mind of Donald Trump Two Months After Leaving the White House

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