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5 Things: Internet rot | CARES Act | online nazis | Twitter | unemployment benefits

I’m probably the last person to find this out, but if you go to, you can build your own variety pack of little chip bags. It’s a 30-pack of your favorite chips for $20, which ain’t cheap, but the extra cost is worth it to me to not have 10 bags of shitty onion chips left over every time I buy a variety pack at the store.

  1. The Atlantic: The Internet Is Rotting
  2. Reuters: Poorer US households gained nearly a year’s spending from CARES Act – study
  3. Vice: Unmasking ‘Dark Foreigner’: The Artist Who Fueled a Neo-Nazi Terror Movement
  4. SPLC: ‘We Make Mistakes’: Twitter’s Embrace of the Extreme Far Right
  5. Forbes: States Ending $300 Unemployment Benefits Haven’t Boosted Labor Market Yet, Morgan Stanley Finds