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5 Things: January 6 | political polarization | Russian hackers & the RNC | gerrymandering

It is utterly exhausting to watch Americans desperately pretending things are “normal” again.

Six months on from the January 6 insurrection, and a couple hundred patsy participants are looking at charges, but the organizers and instigators march on, held utterly unaccountable for their actions. A year and a bit after COVID-19 began ravaging the US, 600,000+ people dead, and those in charge insist we get right back out there – unmasked – and get to spending, lest the economy wobble, and never mind those pesky COVID variants. An entire summer spent protesting police brutality, and literally nothing changed. There are still, even now, concentration camps on the southern border. The West Coast is holding its breath, waiting on the first spark that will set off the annual conflagration, having just weathered a brutal and historic heat wave, and no one is doing anything about climate change. Over 150 people died in hundreds of shootings across the country just over the 4th of July weekend, and no one in charge of anything in the government has said a peep about gun control.

It’s never going to be “normal” again, people. We haven’t done the work to make things “normal.” It doesn’t look like we’re ever going to.

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