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5 Things: Critical race theory | Jeffrey Epstein | the Delta variant & masking | gerrymandering

I think one of the reasons why I keep dipping back into the Mercedes Lackey Valdemar books is that the single most fantastic element in these books is that when a given character is being small-minded, short-sighted, selfish, and/or bigoted, the hero or one of their friends will tell that person off and make them look a fool in front of their peers and, more often than not, the person being told off will listen and change their ways. Or, at the very least, shut up so the sensible people can carry on solving problems.

Honestly, these books are full of magic horses and telepathic hawks and the craziest thing you’ll read in them is some average-ass idjit spouting off, getting told they’re an asshole, and at a minimum, they get embarrassed over being caught being an asshole and get out of everyone else’s way.

Imagine if the world worked like that.

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