Little Notes & Short Posts

Social media sucks.

Trying to read anything on Twitter or Facebook is utter misery, what with their widgets and inserts and ads and trending topics and algorithmic newsfeeds and all their terrible garbage. Here’s a few must-have browser add-ons for fixing the experience somewhat.

I mean, ideally, delete it all and go back to emailing, or just text people. Social media platforms are bad for your brain. But that’s not possible for everyone for various reasons, so if you’re stuck there, use some or all of these.

These or something similar exist for most browsers and a quick Google search will find them for you.

  • F.B. Purity – For fixing Facebook. Ad blocking, cleaning up your newsfeed, various fixes and tweaks. It’s pretty extensive so there’s a bit of a learning curve, but it helps so much.
  • Tweak New Twitter – Get rid of trending topics, suggested follows, suggested topics, hide the messages drawer, other useful tweaks. Honestly, this is worth it just for getting rid of all the trash in the right sidebar.
  • uBlock Origin – Always run an adblocker. It will improve your Internet experience by leaps and bounds.
  • Privacy Badger – Blocks web trackers. I’m also a fan of Disconnect and Ghostery. Privacy Badger, by the EFF, learns to block harmful trackers as you use it.