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Reed Richards in a Marvel Fantastic Four

People are talking about who should play Reed Richards for Marvel and there are a lot of great suggestions being floated, including John Krasinski, William Jackson Harper, and Rahul Kohli, but I think the best one I’ve seen so far is Danny Pudi.

See, the thing about Reed Richards is that he always comes off as a good dude until he’s busy and forgets to put his happy face on, and then you realize he’s an arrogant dick and possibly also a monster, so whoever you get to play him has to be able to flex that muscle.

I think Krasinski could do that. I think Kohli could, too? I’m not as familiar with Harper’s work, only saw him on The Good Place, and Chidi never really had to have that vibe. I know for sure Danny Pudi could do it, though. Really well.