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It’s almost like stricter lockdowns lead to fewer cases.

I’m not linking to the article this person linked to because it’s bullshit. The article claims that since Oregon has one of the lower case counts in the US, its fairly strict lockdown measures are outrageous, while completely failing to recognize the point that we have a lower case count because our lockdown measures have been strict.

Tweet, Oregon has fourth fewest virus cases, yet among strictest lockdowns, w/ link to bullshit rightwing article

There’s been a lot of this flavor of whining from conservatives in Oregon, complaining about the damage being done to businesses by the lockdowns. And they’re not wrong – businesses are suffering. But what’s more important: money or lives? No one is happy about what this is doing to businesses. This shouldn’t be happening. We should have gotten more support from the federal government so this didn’t have to happen. But we didn’t get that support, so the pandemic and the lockdowns have dragged on and on, and now everyone has to pay the price for Trump’s incompetency.