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Re: David Sedaris

Huh. This is… I mean, painfully tone deaf for starters, but also super weird and not funny. What is the point of this joke? It’s snide and mean-spirited, and also doesn’t make a lot of sense?

I usually like David Sedaris, but this doesn’t seem to gel together in any way that isn’t mean. It’s like he tries to save it at the end with the “washing their laundry” thing, but that only comes off as snide. Also: making a joke about treating service workers badly in the midst of a global pandemic and economic depression while they get screwed by the government? Dude, read the room. The people you’re making fun of are suffering, getting sick, and dying.

Meanwhile, there’s this:

(Read the whole thread starting here.)

I guess Sedaris really is a gaping asshole, then, and I just haven’t noticed ’til now ’cause I only ever hear him on This American Life.