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Oh, goddammit.

Letitia Wright played Shuri in Black Panther and apparently she’s an anti-vaxxer. Also possibly a transphobe, and maybe into that QAnon bullshit too? She promoted a transphobic anti-vax video on Twitter that was ranting about the “luciferase” in COVID-19 vaccines. (Looks like she deleted it sometime last night or this morning.)

Luciferase is just a generic name for enzymes that make bioluminescence happen. It’s in fireflies, for fucksake. I guess Wright thinks that because it’s got the word “Lucifer” in it, it’s Satanic or some such foolishness? Lucifer is a Latin name that means “light bringer.” Luciferases make firefly butts light up, among other things. It’s all related to the root meaning, light.

Like, I’m not even sure if luciferase is in any of the COVID-19 vaccines. Here’s a study where they used a nanoluciferase in, let’s see, if I’m reading this right, it looks like they used it to measure if one of their testing methods was… working? It’s a bit dense for me. Let me… okay, all right, it looks like they used it to make a COVID variant that was more easily trackable in serums, so they could test their vaccines?

At any rate, Satan is not involved in any of the COVID-19 vaccines, a sentence I’m not even sure why I’m typing out, since anyone who would believe me already knew that.

I mean, also Satan doesn’t exist, but that’s a bit beside the point, I guess.

It’s so goddamn depressing when actors who play characters I like get caught saying and doing such stupid stuff.