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Stay home for Thanksgiving, people.

No, you idgits, stay home. The whole point of the freeze, and the reason we need it in the first place, is because you people won’t stay home. If you want to support a restaurant or a shop or something, order takeout. Shop on their website. Get a damn gift certificate.

Good lord, people, do not congregate. How frickin’ hard is this?!

🔗 Lifehacker: You Can Get COVID Even If You Do Everything ‘Right’

It’s tempting to think that if you know somebody well, they should be in your bubble. But if somebody has a job where they interact with the public, or if their kid goes to in-person school, or if they sometimes hang out with a friend who isn’t as cautious as they are, there’s a big ol’ hole in that bubble. The number of people who actually have a bubble as safe as they think it is, is vanishingly small.