Little Notes & Short Posts

What did you do on 3/13/20?

At work we discussed WFH “starting soon.” Turned out to be immediately. Took my stuff home with me and only went back a couple months later to clean out my office. WFH will be permanent for us.

We went grocery shopping after work. We’d already stocked up because we guessed this was coming, so we just needed a few things. Store was a zoo, shelves empty.

We haven’t been anywhere but the grocery store and pet store since. Take-out or delivery only for restaurants. Didn’t travel at all this summer.

We tried a couple of family brunches this fall, like 5 of us, but that won’t happen again. Only a couple of us can actually isolate/quarantine, so that’s not safe. Thanksgiving’s canceled. Well, at least we won’t be getting together in person for it.