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Back into lockdown.

I’m so angry about this. I mean, yes, this is necessary, we have to do it, but we’re hearing rumors of further restrictions, possibly restaurants have to go take-out only again and maybe more, and our businesses are barely getting by as it is. And there’s no help coming, and the federal government isn’t going to do jack shit about any of this for three more months, and it didn’t have to be like this. People are dying and the economy is cratering and I am so angry.

🔗 AP: West Coast governors urge COVID quarantine after travel

Oregon for the first time on Thursday surpassed 1,000 positive cases in a day. Gov. Kate Brown announced a two-week “freeze” Friday that will limit restaurants to offering only take-out food and close gyms.

“If we do not act immediately, we will soon reach a breaking point,” Brown said in a social media video.

She said if cases remain at the current level, the travel advisory will likely become a requirement.