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Trump, the Loser.

Fuck Trump and his terrible administration and every single nazi and nazi-sympathizing shitheel who supported him, even the wussy ones who were all like “I JuSt LiKe HiS eCoNoMiC pOlIcIeS” because fuck you, my dudes, at best you were saying that the dollars in your pocket were more important than your fellow human beings.

I have seen dozens and dozens of people across the internet over the last few days who were all like “Reach out to Republican voters” and “Sympathize with Republican voters” and “Now the left needs to listen to us” and “Democrats should realize they almost lost this because of the extreme lefties and cater to Republicans” and, and, and, and – Man, from the bottom of my heart, fuck. that. noise. Right up the ass, my friends, with something sharp and a lemon juice enema for afters.

Dear Republican voters, y’all voted for a goddamn nazi white supremacist incompetent dictator-wannabe. Twice. We offered you a guy who was very nearly the most diet Republican milquetoast centrist old white guy we could find in an attempt to appeal to all you “I JuSt LiKe HiS eCoNoMiC pOlIcIeS” turds, and y’all still weren’t having any of it.

And now they’re all “let’s come together” and “let’s be friends” and “Dear god, whatever else goes on I don’t want to suffer any consequences for my awful actions and my shitty, shitty beliefs” and no. Just no.

At best, at. best., you were more concerned about money than you were about the lives and rights and health of people and at the absolute bare minimum you can just sit there and fucking feel bad. I don’t need y’all to suffer, but goddammit, I am not asking too much for you to reckon with what you did and believe. And I sure the fuck ain’t inviting y’all to my birthday party.

And we “almost lost this”? Almost lost this? I’ve seen that dozens of times too and let me explain a thing to you: The Republicans pulled out every stop they had the balls to pull. Historic voter suppression efforts, fucked over the USPS, lies and lies and lies and lies, packed the courts – they pulled every dirty trick in the book that they thought they could get away with, and threatened us for months with worse, and we still won this motherfucker.

They sent secret police to our cities to kidnap American citizens off the streets in unmarked vans, and we still won this. Black Americans, immigrant Americans, LGBTQA+ Americans, young Americans, and even white Americans turned out en masse, with historic voter turnout, to repudiate that horrific authoritarian and the GOP who enabled him in the name of power. We whooped his ass to the tune of more than 4 million votes and counting.

Fuck you, that’s a mandate. That’s votes for universal healthcare, gay rights, trans rights, fighting climate change, an end to concentration camps on our southern borders, finding the parents of the children we stole, abolishing ICE, defunding cops, and every single other thing we can hector and harass the Democrats and Biden to find their balls and do. Because 70% of Americans favor progressive policies and we mean to progress, goddammit.

And we will drag Republican voters along with us into a better world that benefits them too, kicking and screaming, if we have to. Because even now, even now, after all you did, after what you believe, after what you almost toppled America into, we will still bust our asses trying to make things better for you too.

Oh, and extreme lefties, don’t think you’re getting out of this rant, either. All y’all out there woe-is-meing, we didn’t take the Senate so nothing matters, how dare you celebrate when there’s still so much work to do, I don’t like Biden and I’m mad about it, whining-ass brats, y’all can sit down and think about what you did, too.

Biden is not everything I wanted in a president, either, and obviously we have more work to do, but goddammit, look at what we did. We might have just saved the goddamn country, and we did it in the face of historic government-backed voter suppression, in the midst of a global pandemic, and while fighting every other dirty trick in the books, and it is okay if we take a victory lap and a nap, all right?

Progress is not easy. It does not happen overnight. Biden will not fix every problem we want fixed. But he will get us a fuck of a lot farther than we would have gotten under Trump. This is a victory. Celebrate it, for shitsake. And then, tomorrow, we will get back to work. Because that’s how progress happens. You build a better world, and when you get done, you have a drink and then get to work making that world a better place.

Also, Jesus, people, we ain’t lost the Senate yet. The odds are long and the chances are slim, but that show isn’t over. Go donate to help take the two Georgia Senate runoff races.