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Welp, it’s looking good for the blue. The election hasn’t been officially called and of course Trump won’t concede (he’s far too small, petty, and broken a man for something like that), but it sure looks like the presidential race is breaking Biden’s way.

Nov. 6, 10:30am PST

Also, I don’t know who made this meme but it’s amazeballs and needs to be saved here for posterity.

Gritty/Game of Thrones meme

For those of you who need context, that’s Gritty, the super weird mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers who was claimed by “the Resistance” almost immediately for some reason, superimposed over Olenna Tyrell as she confesses to killing Joffrey purely to stick it to Cersei in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Nov. 6, 11:30am

The idea of Trump angry, frustrated, miserable, and yelling at the TV in the West Wing just warms the cockles of my frosty little heart, I tell you what.

Nov. 6, 1:15pm

A few headlines from here and there.

  • Politico: Biden to deliver prime-time address with victory in sight – Biden and Harris will address the nation sometime during prime time tonight.
  • NPR: Georgia Secretary Of State Predicts: ‘There Will Be A Recount’ – Obviously, as the tallies there are within inches of each other. Got my fingers crossed for Georgia to stay blue, though. Folks worked so goddamn hard there to make that happen.
  • NBC News: 2 men arrested in Philadelphia had QAnon paraphernalia, AR-15 in car – Two armed QAnon douches were arrested last night outside of the Philly convention center where people are tallying votes. I’ve actually been pretty surprised at the lack of general drama so far. There’s been lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth, and the mob in Maricopa County, Arizona, got pretty ugly, but I expected way worse than this. I hope things stay this quiet.
  • The Hill: Pelosi launches formal bid for Speaker in next Congress – Y’know, to be clear, I like Nancy Pelosi. She gets a lot of shit, and I don’t always agree with her, but overall, I think she’s done a pretty decent job of being Speaker of House, particularly in the Trump years. But she’s had her time, and I’d like to see someone with more fire and fresh ideas in the job, now.