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WTF, Keith Olbermann?

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean, man? Like… ok, racist, obviously, but… did you not read Roots? “Whiny” is definitely not the character trait I would associate with Kunta Kinte. This doesn’t even make sense as an insult.

Keith Olbermann tweet calling Trump a 'whiny little Kunta Kinte'

I’d link to it, but he already deleted the tweet.


Oooohhh, so you meant to be misogynist, not racist. Got it. Thanks for the clarification, there, Keith.

Keith Olbermann tweets that he meant 'Kunta Kinte" as a stand-in for 'cunt,' WHICH IS NOT BETTER, KEITH

Also, pretty sure that’s still racist? Like, this whole goddamn thing is a hot mess, my dude. Delete it all and just apologize and do better, you douche.

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