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Election Night Thoughts

I’ve seen a few things to the effect of “I’m sad America isn’t rejecting Trumpism more dramatically,” and/or “Oh no, it’s so close” and whatnot.

Please keep in mind, the GOP’s been building this version of America for 50+ years. It will take generations to repair the damage the GOP has done to America. Also, it’s still early, and we’re not going to know for sure tonight exactly what went on in the election.

Steady on, folks.

Nov. 3, 7:03pm PST

Goddammit. 😒

Nov. 3, 7:40pm

Still seeing lots of hyperventilating and doomsaying online, but nothing terribly surprising has happened yet, and it seems pretty unlikely that we’ll see a winner tonight.

Nov. 3, 8:05pm

NPR electoral map on Nov. 3 at 8:03pm

Okay, folks, deep breaths. We’re not gonna get results tonight. There are too many absentee/mail-in votes yet to count, and in some states they can’t even start counting them until tomorrow. Nothing surprising has happened yet. The news pundits don’t decide the election.

Nov. 3, 9:27pm

Took a quick break to do some chores around the house. No apparent electoral fireworks while I was puttering about, I see. A couple of headlines:

NPR's electoral map at 9:30pm, Nov. 3

Nov. 3, 10pm

Okay, folks, Biden just went live to announce that his campaign is feeling good about their chances of winning, but it’s getting late and we’re not going to learn anything more tonight, so go to bed. Basically. I’m calling it, too. I mean, I could be playing Stardew Valley right now, or something.

Nov. 3, 11:30pm

Apparently Trump’s on tv doing exactly what he said he was going to do a few days ago: lie his ass off and try to steal the election. If you want to know what sort of bullshit Trump is shoveling tonight, here’s the Twitter thread to follow.