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Miles Taylor is the anonymous author of ‘A Warning.’

I’ll just be over here rolling my eyes forever.

Miles Taylor Tweet

For reference, this is Miles Taylor. From the linked article,

In fact, Miles Taylor, who served as deputy chief of staff and then chief of staff to former Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, was involved in high-level discussions about immigration enforcement, helping to shape the department’s narratives and talking points as one of Nielsen’s trusted lieutenants.

As Nielsen’s deputy chief of staff, Taylor was included on some of the DHS secretary’s emails and privy to her events schedule, often prepping his boss with reports and talking points ahead of public appearances between April and June 2018, when the family separation policy was in effect.

In one email obtained by BuzzFeed News, Taylor assisted Nielsen in preparing what he described as the “Protecting Children Narrative” — the department’s spin on a policy that horrified Americans when images of abandoned, caged migrant children in squalid camps emerged. Other emails from Nielsen’s events planner show that he had been scheduled to participate in at least two weekly calls to “discuss Border Security and Immigration Enforcement” in June 2018.

These people aren’t turning on Trump because he’s a human abscess, they’re doing it because he’s a fucking loser and they want a winner to push their shitty agendas. They don’t disagree with Trump. They’re perfectly happy with Trump’s policies. They’re just mad that he sucks at enacting them. If Trump wasn’t a rolling dumpster fire of a man, they’d still be in his corner with pom poms and fresh rhyming cheers daily.

Here’s Miles Taylor’s sanctimonious little “dear god please hire me again for any other job, I swear I’m not the same kind of trash pit as Trump” reputation-cleansing statement, if case you want to read that for some gawdawful reason. (And here it is on CNN, in case Taylor edits his on Medium at some point.)