Little Notes & Short Posts

Stop calling her ACB.

Call her Barrett. She doesn’t get to be initials. She hasn’t done – and will never do – anything worthy of cute shorthands.

“Working mom.” 🙄
“They hate her ’cause she’s Catholic.”

No, weirdo. She’s a fascist religious fanatic. That’s why we don’t like her.

Tweet, Jeff Hunt, 'Not a single Democrat voted for a working mom o f school-aged children to join the U.S. Supreme Court.'

The GOP is desperate for Barrett to be seen as legitimate, so they have a point to argue when she starts ruling in favor of the Trump admin constantly.

Tweet, Marco Rubio, 'Last night 52 legitimately elected U.S. Senators cast 52 legitimate votes to confirm a legitimately elected President's highly qualified nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.'

Featured image: Trump nominates Barrett for SCotUS. By Shealah Craighead. Source and licensing.