President Trump Nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Stop calling her ACB.

Call her Barrett. She doesn’t get to be initials. She hasn’t done – and will never do – anything worthy of cute shorthands.

“Working mom.” 🙄
“They hate her ’cause she’s Catholic.”

No, weirdo. She’s a fascist religious fanatic. That’s why we don’t like her.

Tweet, Jeff Hunt, 'Not a single Democrat voted for a working mom o f school-aged children to join the U.S. Supreme Court.'

The GOP is desperate for Barrett to be seen as legitimate, so they have a point to argue when she starts ruling in favor of the Trump admin constantly.

Tweet, Marco Rubio, 'Last night 52 legitimately elected U.S. Senators cast 52 legitimate votes to confirm a legitimately elected President's highly qualified nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States.'

Featured image: Trump nominates Barrett for SCotUS. By Shealah Craighead. Source and licensing.

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