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Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ video leak

Okay, I just watched the 60 Minutes interview that Trump posted to his Facebook page and it’s nothing. He’s mad because a woman interviewer had the audacity to question – politely, even – his lies and BS.

I don’t think there is a strategy. I think he was just mad a woman pushed back on his BS, so he released the video because he thinks it makes her look bad, and there’s no one left in the White House to tell him no.

I say “a woman pushed back” specifically because he seems to take it extra personally when it’s a woman. Like, he gets mad at men, too, sure, but I’ve been watching this guy for four years now, and when it’s a woman pushing back on him, he just takes it super personally.

For example, Jonathan Swan did that HBO interview with Trump awhile back, and Swan roasted Trump pretty hard. Trump didn’t throw a big old hissy fit over it like this. But a woman, any woman, gives him a hard time, and it’s suddenly the worst thing done by the worst person on Earth.

Look at when he got mad at Megyn Kelly way back when, with his “blood flowing out of her wherever” comments. Or when Joe and Mika bucked him, and Trump lost it over Mika Brzezinski, making cracks about her having a facelift.

Or look at how fundamentally not over it Trump is with Hillary Clinton because she had the audacity to run against him and make him look a fool. It’s been four years, and he’s still railing about her. He’s basically still campaigning against her.

That man will be gasping on his deathbed, and still complaining about and railing at Hillary Clinton. I swear to gawd his last words will be about Clinton’s emails, and I won’t even be surprised to hear it. He will never get over the fact that Clinton stood up to him.

Trump does not see women as human beings. Trump is deeply damaged, and I doubt he’s able to accept many other people at all as genuinely “real.” But when it comes to women, I think he thinks of them as actual objects. Or possibly, like, pets, maybe?

Like, he thinks of women as fancy watches that carry themselves around for him, something that exists to make him look better. Or possibly like pets, something that’s there to fawn over him when he wants and stand still and silent beside him when he’s not interested. I think that’s why he gets so mad when a woman stands up to him. It’s like a dog pooping on the carpet, to him.

President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol, Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019, in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead.)