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Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’

I’m rereading Stephen King’s The Stand in the middle of a pandemic because apparently I’m a glutton for punishment. I love this book, but it’s just occurred to me that shouldn’t at least some of the people who got sick have survived the superflu?

At the end of the book Frannie has her baby and he gets sick of the superflu, but fights it off, basically because he had one immune parent, so he had half-immunity.

But that implies that immunity had a genetic component, so there should have been lots of other half-immune people, right?

I’m not gonna sit here and work out Punnett squares or anything, but at least some percentage of the population should have had the same half-immunity that Frannie’s baby did.

The book gets all supernatural and whatnot, so I guess you can just throw regular science out the window due to that, but now that I’ve thought of it, it’s going to bug me a little bit.