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On Trump’s campaign tactics.

“He’s like Mr. Rogers.”
“He’ll listen to scientists.”
“He’ll listen to Dr. Fauci.”
Is Trump campaigning for Biden, now?

I mean, that’s why I voted for him?

I want a president who’s dealing with a global pandemic to listen to scientists and doctors.

Mercedes Schlapp on Twitter comparing Joe Biden's town hall performance to Mr. Rogers pejoratively.

I want a president who sounds kind, empathetic, and educational.

And, to end on a bit of a tangent, here’s SNL making fun of Biden by casting him as Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers like I wouldn’t vote a Bob Ross/Mr. Rogers ticket so hard it would count for the next three elections. 🙄

Featured image: Joe Biden, by Gage Skidmore, (CC BY-SA 2.0).