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What the hell, NPR.

🔗 NPR: Takeaways From Amy Coney Barrett’s Judiciary Confirmation Hearings

At one point, Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn asked her to show what notes she was using to prep for answers and she held up a blank notepad, demonstrating that she was capable of talking for hours on end about a broad range of legal issues without any notes.

That’s what you took away from the empty notepad? You didn’t combine that with all her objectively wrong and/or incomplete and/or dodged answers, and consider her mere three years of judicial experience, and come to the conclusion that she wasn’t even trying and wasn’t qualified because she knew this shit was already in the bag? Yeah, okay NPR. Thanks for trying.

Featured image: Trump nominates Barrett for SCotUS, official White House photo by Shealah Craighead.