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Talk about leaping wildly to conclusions…

Journalist Walter Bragman posted this tweet this morning –

– in which he shows off the normal-ass rural house of would-be Michigan governor-kidnapper Joseph Morrison that’s been kicked around some by the FBI, and then uses it to assume that economics is to blame for the radicalization of Morrison. You can tell Morrison is poor and disadvantaged, see, because his yard isn’t neatly arranged and he doesn’t live in a 10-bedroom McMansion in a large town.

I’m a born-and-raised Michigander here, and my youth was full of a lot of middle-class houses that looked just like this. Nice gravel driveway, two big-ass trucks, nice house, nice deck, lawn equipment… this Morrison dude appears to be doing fine for himself. It just doesn’t look that way to you if you didn’t grow up rural.

City folk, I swear. 🙄

I’m sure economics does play some part in radicalization, but it never ceases to amaze me how folks will jump to rationalize the terrorism of entitled white people. There are plenty of poor people out there who are not plotting to kidnap and murder governors to kick off a civil war and a coup of the state they live in.

Anyway, Dr. Sarah Traber, who does a ton of crop science work in rural communities, has plenty to say about it.

🧵 Read her whole Twitter thread starting here.

ETA: This is apparently Morrison’s house.