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VP debate tonight & Trump’s in the Oval Office

I am appalled to see that the VP debate is still on for tonight, happening in person, with wholly inadequate protections for Harris.

Look at those teeny, ridiculous partitions. They aren’t stopping anything. My local grocery store has better protections than that, FFS.

Pence has been exposed to COVID-19 again and again in the last several days, and we already know that the Trump administration isn’t following a proper testing protocol and lies through its teeth regarding medical matters. Considering that, and considering that we’re in a pandemic in the first place, why on Earth are any of these debates happening in person? There’s no reason for them to – we have the technology to do perfectly serviceable debates through video conferencing and whatnot.

It’s completely irresponsible that we’re risking people this way. Never mind the politicians – at least eleven of the debate set-up crew in Cleveland caught COVID-19 from the Trump/Biden debate last week.

Meanwhile, Trump’s infectious, ‘roidded-out ass is shambling around the White House, spewing virus on everything and everyone, and I guess we’re all just going to act like that’s fine because no one can stop him. And I mean, to hell with his flunkies and minions, but the poor White House service staff are all stuck dealing with this garbage. I guess he’s in the Oval Office today, gasping aerosols into the air for everyone to enjoy.

Every day we hit rock bottom with this administration, and every day we discover that it wasn’t rock bottom, just another limb we smacked into on the way down. Jesus.

Featured image: Right, Mike Pence’s official White House photo, by D. Myles Cullen, public domain (link). Left, Kamala Harris speaking at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, by Gage Skidmore (Link, CC BY-SA 3.0).