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We should really maybe do something about this ‘climate change’ thing, guys.

Like half my state burned down over the past week and our air quality is like snorting the bottom of an ashtray, and yeah, wildfires happened before climate change was a thing we talked about but they weren’t like this, people.

Seriously, this shit is only going to get worse and we need to do something.

The election’s coming up in 50 days. Please vote for the guy who doesn’t think climate change is “fake news.”

Wildfire News

One of the more wild things to watch this past week as Oregon burned down was the conspiracy theories taking off. I saw everything from Chinese space lasers to antifa arson squads. I spent a lot of time reporting Twitter accounts for spreading that shit.

COVID-19 News

Does anyone else remember how we found out after the fact that the Bush administration had advanced warning of the 9/11 attacks and just ignored it? Maybe stop voting Republican, these fuckers are trying to kill us.

Other Fun News

Kang the Conqueror. That’s who Jonathan Majors is playing – Kang the Conqueror. In an Ant-Man movie. That should be fun.

And apparently Chris Evans managed to accidentally flash a dick pic on an Instagram Story or some such and Twitter had a wild amount of fun with that this weekend, but funnier by far was the fact that this meme was on his camera roll.

Also, life on Venus! Maybe! Neeeeeeat.