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A few thoughts on Trump, plus links

In Trump’s mind, he is the center of the universe. Everything revolves around and pertains to him.

I think for people like Trump, life is a video game – and not even a good video game, one with a story and whatnot. It’s like Pac-Man or Frogger, where you’re just running up your score. There are no serious consequences and everything is meaningless. If you lose all your lives, you just plunk in another quarter and play again. There’s no win condition, there’s just higher scores and faster levels.

Nothing matters, and the only goal is to hit the highest score, however you can.

I think “president of the United States” is the highest score he’s ever hit, and I think the levels are moving too fast for him to play much further now. Which wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, because remember, if you lose, you just drop another coin and play again. Except he’s running out of coins, and Trump’s not sure he can scrounge up anymore quarters.

His day-to-day mood and actions are almost wholly dictated by how sure he is of his supply of quarters. He’s mad half the time that he even has to worry about more quarters. He thought if he got this far, he’d have infinite lives, or a steady supply of coins, and that’s turning out to not be true.

All the sources he used to get more quarters from are gone – his dad, the banks, probably the Russians…

Cheating is one thing. He always cheats. But now he’s running out of hacks and cheat codes. And maybe he’s starting to think, well, if he can’t play this game… then no one can.

We’re entering a very dangerous moment. We’re getting to the “break the controllers and smash the console” stage of the game.

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