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The mask must cover your mouth AND nose, you idiots.

This is rapidly turning into one of those types of pet peeves that just makes me want to shriek whenever I see it, but for the love of little puppies with heart-shaped spots, people, THE MASK HAS TO COVER YOUR MOUTH AND YOUR NOSE.

I don’t see a lot of people doing this around here, but I see enough. It’s usually either old farts, or people with glasses doing it.

If you have glasses, and they’re getting fogged up from the mask, here are a few tips:

Get a mask that’s fitted better to your face. What you want is as tight a seal across your nose and the tops of your cheeks as you can comfortably manage, because you don’t want that hot air from your mouth and nose escaping upwards to hit your glasses. That’s what’s causing the fogging. So, use a pipe cleaner, twist tie, or nose guard in your mask to get a tighter fit. Failing that, use sports or medical tape – tape that’s made to be used on the skin – to tape your mask down.

Wash your glasses with soapy water and let the soap dry on the lenses. The soap will leave a thin film that prevents most fogging. I hear shaving cream works, too. If you have a special coating on your lenses, check with your eye doctor first, because the soap film might ruin coatings.

Buy an anti-fog product for your glasses. Amazon sells bunches of anti-fog products for glasses. Get one. Use it. I hear the one you use on car windshields works particularly well. Again, check with your eye doctor first so you don’t accidentally ruin your lenses.

Another thing that’s really starting to irritate me is the people using only clear face shields. Like, I get it if you have some kind of medical condition, but if you don’t, let me explain to you that the face shields aren’t doing a goddamn thing for you or the people around you. It’s not stopping your germy droplets from spewing everywhere, and it’s not stopping you from inhaling anyone else’s germy droplets. At least wear a thin mask under the shield; that’s better than nothing.