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Pandemic Notes: 7/20/2020

So, we’re living in a fascist police state, COVID-19 cases in the US are through the roof, rising in my state, and in my particular county, COVID-19 control is trending right into the shitter for various reasons.


I’m going to add a pile of links I’ve been saving up below this, but I want to call a few out in particular. Today’s everyone’s been talking about Naked Athena in Portland, the young woman who walked into a line of feds and/or cops buck-ass naked in Portland this past Friday. She made the cops run away. Literally. They were like, “We don’t know what to do about this,” and the line broke down, and they left. It’s pretty amazing.

You can see it for yourself in this thread on Twitter, in particular, these tweets:

Click through the links above for photos and video.

All right, and now for a massive pile of links I’ve been saving up. Brace yourselves, there’s like 20 of them.

All right, we’re all caught up, as far as the junk I’d been saving goes. If you need to watch something happy to clear your palate, you can check out this 5-minute video of Henry Cavill building a new computer from scratch, set to Barry White music, which I’m pretty sure qualifies as some kind of pornography.