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A quick handful of thoughts

Netflix added Avatar: The Last Airbender this month, which I’d never seen. I have now seen it and everyone was right: it’s pretty awesome. We’re watching Legend of Korra now, which is not on Netflix. Yarr.

We’ve been meandering through various Star Treks. We finished up Enterprise a couple of weeks ago and decided to try Discovery, which is goddamn awful. Seriously, everyone kept saying it was good, but we’re four episodes into this mess and I’m watching an asshole idiot criminal dumb-luck her way onto a ship powered by animal cruelty and I’m like, “This is Star Trek? WTF?”

I’ve been told to just skip the whole first season and head right into season 2, which is apparently properly Trekkie. So I went ahead and looked up all the spoilers for season 1, and okay, I guess the plot and some of the crap going on makes more sense.

The production values are pretty amazing, so that’s something, I guess.

Loathe all the alien redesigns, they’re terrible. The makeup makes it so none of the alien actors can emote, at all. Plus, they have all the Klingons speaking Klingon with subtitles, but Klingon is an actual language someone wrote, and it sure doesn’t sound like whatever gibberish they’ve got these actors spouting. And, since they’re all speaking in gibberish, none of the actors can inflect. So plastic Klingon faces with no emotions and staccato voices with no inflection… like, who thought this would be better?

Ug. Based on these first four episodes, I just don’t get how this show got good reviews.

I told my boyfriend there’s a massive sandstorm coming from the Sahara Desert, and it’s headed our way.

“Yeah, that happens every year,” he said.

“No, it’s massive,” I said. “Like you can see it. On radar or whatever.”

“Yeah, but it does that every year.”

“No, I mean, this is a thing,” I said.

Ooooh, wait, it’s 2020, isn’t it?” he said, smacking his forehead.

“Yes!” I said. “So you see how serious it is.”

“Right, right, my bad. I forgot.”

In the news today…

All right, I haven’t slept worth a damn for the last two nights because it’s been too hot, and I have stuff to do today, so I’m out. Here’s a blissed-out little pug mix getting scritches.