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Pandemic Notes: 6/12/20

It’s been a very long week. We had a pet emergency midweek (everything worked out fine, no worries), but between that and, y’know, *waves at the world in general*, I’m pretty wiped out. Here’s a few things worth reading if you get a minute this weekend.

And to wrap things up, Dave Chappelle dropped a new half-hour special on YouTube today, via Netflix’ comedy YouTube channel. Chappelle is one of those comedians I’m iffy on. Like, he’s frequently hilarious and incisive. But then he starts talking about transgender people and like… Gross dude. Do better.

Anyway, this is barely a comedy special. It’s mainly Dave Chappelle being really pissed about George Floyd and related topics for 25 minutes. He has some stuff to say about it, and you could do worse than give him a half-hour of your day to listen.

Featured image: Screenshot from Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special, 8:46.