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Quarantine Notes: 5/11/20

The US has suffered 80,000 known, confirmed deaths from COVID-19. That’s 80,000 dead in about three and a half months. More, actually, because we’re undercounting and under-reporting COVID-19 deaths all over America.

Despite that absolutely appalling number, MAGA cultists protest over stay home orders. Governors in red states insist on ending stay home orders in an attempt to curry favor with the mad king we elected president.

Notes below. Updates through the day.

💰 The Trump administration is considering giving you a lump sum of $5,000 or $10,000 dollars. You’d just have to give them your future Social Security payments and Medicare in return.

🤡 The stunning incompetency of the Trump administration continues to kill Americans, this time by screwing up the delivery of remdesivir, a drug that may help treat COVID-19, to hospitals.

🦠 Some COVID-19 survivors will be dealing with permanent organ damage.

🍊 Trump thinks that tests aren’t important because you can test negative several days in a row, and then test positive, and no, you aren’t misunderstanding anything, this idiot actually thinks tests aren’t any good because you start testing positive after you catch it and not before, basically.

🤡 Wisconsin hosted a large MAGA cult rally on April 24 and to no one’s surprise, 70+ of the people who attended have since tested positive for COVID-19.

🦠 COVID-19 has made its way to the White House.

🦠 If we wore masks, COVID-19 infections would sink like a rock. Really. Evidence from East Asian countries showed that if 80% of you would wear your plain old fabric masks when you went outside, we could kick COVID-19’s ass. But since wearing or not wearing a mask has become a symbol of whether or not you worship at the altar of Trump, this simple step that would save tens of thousands of lives will not be taken.

📜 Failing to correctly deal with a pandemic – IE, by staying the fuck home and following medical guidelines – causes economic devastation. We learned that in 1918.

🍽️ A restaurant in Colorado reopened for sit-down service on Mother’s Day, likely killing fuck knows how many people.

🤡 Florida governor Ron DeSantis is preparing to reopen his state. It seems like Florida weathered its COVID-19 outbreak, but that’s because it hid – and continues to hide – how many people there have died of COVID-19.

🍊 Trump did a press conference today, and it went about as well as you’d expect.

🍊 Here’s a few quick non-COVID-19 hits about Trump’s weekend, which was bananas:

And that’s Monday in the can.

Image: Screencap of the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard on May 11, 2020, around 11am.