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Quarantine Notes: 5/7/20

I woke up completely unmotivated today, so we’re gonna make this quick.

  • The US military has issued guidance that says people hospitalized with COVID-19 are permanently disqualified from military service. (link)
  • One of Trump’s personal valets has COVID-19. (link)
  • The CDC created an in-depth document with step-by-step advice for local governments on re-opening their states and businesses, and the Trump administration buried it. (link)
  • I mentioned yesterday that apparently people in Washington had been holding COVID-19 parties to deliberately infect themselves. Turns out that wasn’t true. (link)
  • Michigan state Rep. Sarah Anthony (a black woman) was escorted into the capital today by a volunteer armed guard (three black men with appropriately-permitted guns). They volunteered to escort her into the building because she was scared after Nazis and various other Trump fans held an armed rally there last weekend. (link)
  • You don’t wear a mask to protect yourself. You wear a mask to protect me. I wear a mask to protect you. That’s why we’re all supposed to wear masks. (link)
  • The pandemic is teaching us a lot of important lessons about how fragile and broken our country is. Our colleges and private universities are no exception. (link)
  • Apparently COVID-19’s weird propensity for causing clotting and strokes isn’t so weird after all. Other infections can do the same thing. (link)
  • Trump is, of course, far more concerned with the cratered economy making him look bad than he is with the devastating loss of human life we’ve already suffered. (link)
  • And, of course, Trump is going to lie about the death toll and turn it into another one of his “hoaxes.” (link)
  • This one is important: Trump has named one of his GOP cronies as postmaster general. (link)
  • Also important: The DoJ just dropped the case against Michael Flynn. (link)

All right, we’ll save anything else that pops up for tomorrow.