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Quarantine Notes: 4/20/20

I spent much of my weekend playing Tropico 5 in an effort to recover from the stress of going grocery shopping Saturday morning. Ug, I swear, my local grocery store is just jam packed every time I’m in there, and no one is paying any attention to social distancing.

Good news, though. I just got a line on a local restaurant supply place (Think Gordon Foods or Sysco Foods, but local) that’s opening up sales to the public, and doing delivery to a drop-off location. So we might look into that instead of shopping at a regular grocery store.

Okay, this one’s going to be quick because it’s been a busy day today.

Okay, and to wrap up, a quote.

“I mean you have to admit it’s hilarious that the people who have spent their entire lives stockpiling beans & ammo and publishing newsletters about preparing to shelter in place during a global crisis are the ones having meltdowns because they can’t go to the cheesecake factory.” – Bill Marx