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Quarantine Notes: 4/10/20

Happy Friday, folks. Today’s notes. 👇 Updates through the day.

🦠 So, basically, things aren’t going to get back to anything like “normal” until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine, which is at best a year and a half away, and probably more like two years away. Until we have that vaccine, the only way back to something approximating “normal,” involves aggressive testing and contact tracing.

🦠 Speaking of testing, the Trump regime started shutting that down on the federal level. And then stopped when they faced extensive backlash.

🦠 There was a study making the rounds the last day or two talking about how running, etc., was spreading COVID-19 around wildly, only it turns out it wasn’t actually a study. It was just a simulation a Belgian scientist ran and then talked about in a newspaper. He hasn’t even written a paper about it yet.

💬 “maybe if we called it CERVIX-19 they would have made more of an effort to control it” – @EvilGalProds

🍊 While I was busy getting work stuff sorted for the weekend, Trump apparently did a marathon 3-hour presser full of bullshit. I didn’t listen to a single bit of it, and I feel I’m probably smarter, better informed, and less enraged as a result. I highly suggest everyone else do the same.

All right, here’s some quick hits before I wander off for the weekend.

🐈 And, to send you off on a high note, this awesome cat.