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Quarantine Notes: 4/9/20

This morning we woke up at the ass end of dawn to zip over to the local grocery store, because they told us they’d be getting toilet paper in stock at 7 a.m. They lied. There was no toilet paper.

We were fairly grumpy about this. Not at the grocery people, obviously, they have enough to deal with. Just, like, in general. I did manage to secure some toilet paper via Amazon, finally, so that’s something.

Notes. 👇 Updates through the day.

🦠 The White House has issued new “guidance” for when folks who’ve been exposed to people with COVID-19 can return to work, and the new “guidance” is wildly irresponsible. “The guidance pertains to essential critical workers who have been exposed to COVID-19. For those individuals, the guidelines advise: 1. Take your temperature before work. 2. Wear a face mask at all times. 3. Practice social distancing in the workplace as work duties permit.” Considering what we now know about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread, these guidelines seem like a recipe for continuing the outbreak, to me.

📈 17 million people have filed for unemployment due to the COVID-19 quarantines. (NPR)

💭 There’s a bumble bee buzzing around the eves just outside my window. It’s either a bumble bee, or a hornet on steroids. I suppose it could also be a carpenter bee. Either way, it’s out there, buzzing around, and that is Not Okay.

🍊 People seem to be noticing that Trump sucks at… well, I mean, he sucks at life in general, he’s an incompetent, damaged man who’s gotten by on bluster and bullshit his whole life. But in particular, he sucks at handling pandemics, and folks seem to be noticing that.

🦠 Trump is using ventilators and PPE that he stole from states who ordered it as rewards for states that kiss his ass. I’ve mentioned this story before, but seriously. The asshole forced state governments to bid against each other to buy PPE and ventilators, and then he stole those PPE and ventilators, and now he’s handing them out to his besties as party favors.

🦠 The projected death toll of COVID-19 may be trending downwards. Those on the right (and other dumbasses) are using this trend as proof that “the experts” were wrong about how brutal COVID-19 is. Obviously, this is incorrect. The projected downward trend is proof that social distancing and quarantining measures are working.

💭 The bumble bee from before turned out to be wasps. This is extra Not Okay. Stupid beautiful summer-like weather.

All right, I was up too early and it’s been a hectic day, so I’m gonna save anything else I stumble across for tomorrow.