Quarantine Notes: 4/8/20

Quarantine notes for April 8, 2020.

Joe Biden, by Gage Skidmore, (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Welcome to Quarantine Day 24. For me, anyway.

This morning started with an everything bagel from a local place, which my boyfriend went out and foraged for, and it was perfect.

I have both cats and the pupper keeping me company while I do the WFH thing this morning, and they’re all napping, so I guess today’s going to be an extra coffee type of day. I don’t know how I’m going to get anything done with all the snoozies happening in the home office.

Today’s notes below. I’m publishing first thing, but this’ll update throughout the day as I find new stuff.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Bernie Sanders is out, which means Joe Biden is our guy. This is not my favorite result, but no matter what I think of Joe Biden as president, he’s a damn sight better than Trump, so let’s get all in. #Biden2020, folks.

πŸš€ Hey, nobody told me Star Trek: Enterprise was good. We watched the pilot on Netflix last night and it was amazeballs. Everybody said this was the worst Trek when it aired back in the day, and you were all wrong.

🦠 So it turns out they might have been using all those ventilators for COVID19 when maybe they shouldn’t be? This is kind of a developing idea, so grain of salt. Update: Here’s some more reporting on this issue. It’s at TPM again, but this is actually an AP wire story reprinted at TPM, so it’s reporting from a new source.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Drafting off the #Biden2020 swing, here’s a story from Washington Monthly, “What If Trump Wins?,” detailing some of the hellishness we might be in for if Trump gets a second term. I personally don’t think America will survive a second term of Trump. Like, literally, I don’t think America will exist after 4 more years of Trump’s degenerative lunacy. I think we might Balkanize.

πŸ’­ I’m seeing a lot of local places come up with some really interesting ideas for keeping their restaurants open during the quarantine. For example, a local catering place switched to doing dinner orders Freshly-style. You call up and pick your favs off a menu, and they’ll deliver you five days worth of heat-and-eat dinner. Several other local places are doing fancy Easter dinner specials for delivery or to pick up. You call your order in and get dinner for four. It’s all a little on the expensive side, though. A lot on the expensive side, if you’re part of the millions who just lost their jobs and such. I wonder how popular all that is, and if any of it will stick around after the quarantines are over?

🦠 Talking Points Memo has been on this story for a few days now, but finally the big papers are picking it up. The Trump administration is seizing medical equipment that states have ordered, and redistributing it based on their own whims. (“Their own whims” are likely driven by profiteering and which GOP states have kissed their ass the most lately.)

πŸ’¬ “if you’re falling into despair, just remember that over three years later, the dude who punched richard spencer still never got caught.” – @rininear

πŸ‘ This has nothing to do with anything, but FYI, the G-spot is not real.

🦠 “Oregon: Good news (with a caveat)! We are starting to see the curve of new COVID-19 cases in our state flatten out, which means the STAY HOME order is working. If that continues to hold true, it will be a big step forward for the safety of our communities.” – Sen. Jeff Merkley

🍊 Meanwhile, Trump’s bloviating about opening the country back up again so he can kill more people. Really, Trump’s main problem is that we just aren’t dying fast enough.

That’s enough for one day. Go watch Enterprise, people, it’s good stuff.

Image credit: Joe Biden, by Gage Skidmore, (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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