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Quarantine Notes

The last time I posted COVID19 numbers, it was two weeks ago. At that time, the US had 25,493 confirmed cases and 307 deaths. Today we have almost 277,000 confirmed cases and 7,406 deaths.

Two weeks.

I haven’t had a lot to say in the last two weeks. I’m not experiencing anything particularly unusual or interesting relative to this fresh hell we’re all trapped in, and we’re all compulsively reading the same news, so there’s not a lot to talk about.

I’m doing the work from home thing. My boyfriend’s laid off. The dog is so bored you guys. One cat is thoroughly tired of us being around all the time, taking up all the good chairs. The other is ecstatic because his people are always home.

I did manage to get a little office space set up for myself. I got my hands on a super cheap, teeny prefab desk, and I swiped a spare office chair from work the other day. It’ll do.

We had to venture forth into the wastelands to swipe the chair, a quest that took us to our downtown area, which was a tumbleweed-strewn* ghost town. We took the dog so we could walk her somewhere new for a bit, and even she was weirded out by how empty it was. She kept stopping to look around or standing up to peek in dark shop windows, hunting for the people, but there weren’t any.

We’re watching a lot of old TV and movies. I’m binging through Star Trek: The Next Generation, which I haven’t seen since it was originally on TV. That’s been weird and fun. We watched Hudson Hawk last night, and we’d kind of forgotten how bananas that movie actually was. We’re also reading a lot and playing a lot of video games. Just kind of killing time, y’know.

We’re bored and restless, but, so far, we’re a healthy bored and restless (knock on wood), so that’s fine. I am perfectly happy being bored and restless until this shitty, terrifying disease fucks off, however long that takes.

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Image Credit: Screencap from the Johns Hopkins dashboard.

* There were no actual tumbleweeds. It was just extremely empty.