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Link Dump: Covid19, the economy, & good reads

This has been a rough week. My politics crush, Elizabeth Warren, dropped out, leaving us with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, neither of whom I’m exactly thrilled with as candidates. I mean, I’ll vote for whichever of them wins the primary, but they don’t exactly excite me or fill me with confidence. Maybe I’ll feel better after we find out who a potential VP will be.

At any rate, it’s Friday, a thing I am grateful for, because it has, indeed, been a rough week. Here’s all the reading I’ve saved up and/or dug up – lot of good stuff in here.

Also, because we deserve it, a cute and funny video at the end.

Covid19 News

One thing to know about covid19 is that the facts on the ground are changing fast as we learn more about the disease. What you knew yesterday may not necessarily be true today.

Here’s a few resources to keep up with what’s going on:

Economic News

Brief advisory: I don’t actually know a lot about economics. Here’s what I do know: the signs don’t feel good, recession-wise. I’m getting a wee bit nervous about it, y’all. If you haven’t been already, now’s a good time to start battening down what hatches you can, ’cause I think if covid19 doesn’t do anything else, it’s definitely going to make the economy shit itself.

Good Reads

Image credit: Newspapers, JonS on Flickr.