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Please stop listening to Instagram influencers.

Today I have learned that “dry fasting” is a thing.

Social media influencers are selling this idea on various platforms but mostly Instagram. It goes along with the extreme dieting and fad dieting trends, and relies on a lot of the same quackery: “removing toxins” from your body, promoting “healing,” plus the usual “lose weight, feel more energetic, age more slowly” garbage.

The idea is that you stop drinking water for 24 or more hours. Or you stop drinking all fluids for three or more days. Or you eat only fruit for the rest of eternity, because you’re immortal now. This lets your kidneys “rest,” so they have “better filtration.”

If you believe those claims are real, then I encourage you to dry fast for considerable lengths of time, because if you’re that dumb, I need you off my planet.

For the rest of you, drink water, please, and eat properly? Just, like, eat a reasonable amount of food. More vegetables than you are currently. Move sometimes. Drink plenty of water. And FFS, don’t listen to skeletal, over-photoshopped beauty/muscle models on Instagram.

This has been a public service announcement from a person with (an apparently above-average amount of) common sense.