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Let’s talk about anything but politics.

Seriously. The Iowa Caucus is happening today, the Senate’s in session for the “talk themselves to death” portion of the impeachment “trial,” Trump gets to go on TV tomorrow night and bloviate for an hour, and Wednesday the Senate is scheduled to vote to acquit a criminal president.

Let’s talk about literally anything else.

Here we go: We signed up for Freshly, one of those meal delivery services. This one sends you pre-prepared healthy meals that you heat and eat.

We tried them once before when we had a coupon, and the meals were pretty yummy. My boyfriend didn’t think they were quite big enough for him, but that, plus the expense, were the only concerns we had.

But y’know, we work late and frequently don’t want to cook after work, which results in eating a lot of expensive garbage. This way, we’re eating expensive healthier food, instead. Plus, it’s easy. Stick it in the microwave for a few minutes, stuff your face with tasty food. Can’t complain about that.

The meals themselves were a pretty good size for me, but we figure we can add salads or dinner bread, or shoot, even desserts, if we don’t feel full.

The expense might be an issue. It’s a little bit more expensive than buying our own groceries and cooking. It’s about the same cost as eating at a fast food place, though, which is what we’ve been doing. In fact, we’d often buy groceries and then get fast food, because we were too tired to fuss with it. So, all things considered, the price will probably break about even.

Our first shipment should show up in a couple of weeks, and I figured we’d try it out for awhile and see if it worked for us. If it does, hey, healthier eating for less effort. If it doesn’t, well, maybe we’ll look into this whole “meal prep” thing that seems so popular.