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Coronavirus, impeachment, John Bolton, & other fun stuff

I refuse to spend money on John Bolton’s stupid book, people. There are other ways to acquire the thing without lining his pockets.

Current Events

⚠️ The Trump White House “issued a formal threat” to John Bolton not to publish his upcoming book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir. There don’t appear to be any details about what the threat specifically was, though. Jail? A lawsuit? Cement shoes? We don’t know and so far no one’s saying.

📘 Speaking of Bolton’s book, Senate Republicans are talking about reviewing the book in a “classified setting,” which is hilarious considering it’s a book that will (probably) be publically available to one and all come March.

☎️ Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is claiming he doesn’t have the votes to stop witnesses from happening in the impeachment trial, a claim which I do not believe for one hot single second because McConnell said that same shit about Kavanaugh and we see how that went. So call your Senators and keep calling. Demand witnesses and new evidence.

📈 FYI, 75% of voters say the Senate should call witnesses in the impeachment trial.

😷 We still don’t know much about the Wuhan coronavirus, except that it’s hella contagious (wash your hands, y’all) and can be deadly. We don’t know how deadly or for whom. There are currently about 6,000 cases, mostly in China, and 132 people have died. You can track the virus on this website.


⚖️ We’ve moved on to the Q&A section of the impeachment trial, and you can watch it here. Justice Roberts will ask questions written by senators. This should be fun.

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